EARLY VOTING: February 14-25, 2022   ELECTION DAY: March 01, 2022

For Dallas County
Justice of the Peace 2-1

In life, we all have to make decisions. I decided long ago that I would lead by example.


I am committed to being the change we need in our community.


I have witnessed injustice my whole life, and I pursued a legal career as attorney to help people. I always have and will continue to commit my life to do better. With my experience and passion, I know I am the right person for the job. I want you to know that I understand you!

Experienced. Committed. Passionate. 


My name is Atalia Garcia Williams, an attorney, and business owner located in Southeast Dallas. My story began in the community of Pleasant Grove, where I grew up with my parents and two sisters. My father worked hard to provide us all we needed, and my mother stayed home. Both of my parents are immigrants from Mexico. I attended neighborhood schools like E. B. Comstock Middle and H. Grady Spruce High School.


As the firstborn, I can recall translating for my parents, writing checks, and even drafting bills of sale before graduating high school. Since I can remember, I wanted to grow up to be an attorney. Yet, there were many external influences and peer pressure that led me to get into adult situations too soon.